Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Clinical Characterisation of Checkpoint inhibitor induced rashes – a CNC perspective (#248)

Nicole Taylor 1 , Nicole Taylor 1
  1. Westmead Cancer Care, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Skin reactions are a common occurrence when treating Melanoma patients with Immunotherapy and BRAF inhibitors. Over the last 2 years a photo library was developed in a tertiary cancer care clinic specializing in Melanoma Immunotherapy and clinical trials. 

It is important to visually recognise the difference between rashes secondary to anti PD-1, anti CTLA-4 and BRAF inhibitors, especially given their increasing combined usage.

The checkpoint inhibitors have set individual characteristics that differentiate them requiring appropriate intervention and recognition.

BRAF inhibitors have a similar management but more often require dose alteration and antibiotic/ steroids.

This poster demonstrates pictorially the differences in these rashes to improve recognition and treatment of these toxicities which often adversely affect peoples quality of life.