Oral Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

An enterprise-wide analytics strategy to drive change in cancer care delivery and research (#55)

Dana Rollison 1
  1. Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL, United States

The complexity of information systems required to enable the treatment of cancer patients can often be a barrier to the implementation of changes in care delivery.  System integration is costly, and the greater the complexity of integration between individual source systems, the more challenging change control becomes.  An enterprise wide data warehouse (EDW) can facilitate the linkage of data across disparate source systems, creating a single source of truth for information captured across the clinical and research enterprises.  In turn, these newly linked data can be used to drive changes in care delivery and research.  In this talk, an overview of the breadth of data integrated into the EDW at Moffitt Cancer Center will be provided, including data from the electronic health record (EHR), cancer registry, billing, patient-reported outcomes, participation in research studies, availability of biospecimens and results of molecular testing.  These data are presented back to clinicians at the point of care to facilitate decision support and conduct quality improvement.  Examples include charting intra-individual changes in patient-reported quality of life over time within the EHR, leveraging rapid chart abstraction within the cancer registry to track quality metrics and trigger clinical intervention, and prepopulating survivorship care plans with information from the EDW, thereby streamlining the provider documentation time.   Data from the EDW are also used to populate operational reporting tools, such as physician utilization of electronic tools within the EHR, normalized to Moffitt’s newly diagnosed patient populations.  These reports are used to incentivize change in physician behavior related to documentation.  Finally, creation of the EDW has driven change in how we conduct research, including democratizing access to data through self-service query tools, prompting the establishment of an honest broker system for the release of protected health information and accelerating the matching of patients to clinical trials through single- and multi-site initiatives.