Oral Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Disinvestment from low-value cancer care: Part of the next quality frontier (#20)

Adam Elshaug 1
  1. Menzies Centre for Health Policy, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Internationally there is a wave of activity dedicated to the problem of low-value health care, from Choosing Wisely, RACP EVOLVE and Cancer Australia’s Statements campaigns, to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review. This presentation will highlight how the various initiatives are in fact complementary in creating a broad based movement for change. Specific examples will be provided where action in one domain supports or even initiates action elsewhere in the system, creating a cycle for health care improvement. Insights (i.e. results) will be given to the measurement of low-value care. Understanding the scale and scope of the issue then poses harder questions for the practice, research and policy communities for reorienting practice to higher value care.