Oral Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Creating learning systems for quality and safety in cancer care (#32)

Carrie Marr 1
  1. Clinical Excellence Commission, Haymarket, NSW, Australia
We are entering a new conversation about safety and improvement in healthcare. If we are to bring fresh thinking to reduce harm we need to explore a conversation about what is possible - how do we create more maturity and readiness in our healthcare systems?   Within this conversation is an opportunity to explore our personal leadership responsibility to support the change required. How do we move from creating environments in which as few things as possible go wrong, to creating ones in which as many things as possible go right. This requires a focus on how culture, behaviours and inspiring leadership can create the conditions within frontline teams to champion improvement.   This discussion will explore how we can expand our thinking, focusing on anticipating and predicting how we can be safer rather than relying on being reactive. This will create the shift we will need to create a stronger balance between compliance and improvement. We will also consider the habits of leaders who practice improvement thinking and how we can reflect on the personal impact we have on the patients, families and staff we interact with every day.