Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

From Clinical Trial to Open Access: the evolution and implementation of Finding My Way into a community cancer resource. (#377)

Lisa Beatty 1 2 3 , Emma Kemp 2 3 , Bogda Koczwara 1 2 3
  1. Medical Oncology, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, SA, Australia
  2. Flinders University, Adelaide, SA, Australia
  3. Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Adelaide, Australia


To summarise uptake and usage of the clinical-trial developed, now open access psychosocial resource, Finding My Way; and review the enablers and barriers to date.


Methods for dissemination included: (i) media/social media releases (ii) public lectures; (iii) linking the website to other cancer organisations; and (iv) partnering with non-government organisations to promote/integrate the program within their services. Google AnalyticsTM was used to derive broad website metrics (number of visitors, referral sources, devices used, most accessed pages), while the web-program captured number of fully enrolled users and their adherence metrics (number of modules completed).


Between the launch of 21st February 2017 and 31st July 2017, the website had 846 visitors, of which 52.7% were new and 47.3% returning. Visitors went to the website directly (36.7%), were referred from other websites (32.4%), a web search (26.9%), or from social media (3.9%). They logged in for 1572 sessions, viewing 8325 pages (an average of 3.79 pages per visit for first-time visitors and 6.98 pages for returning visitors), with an average session duration of 6:39 minutes.The most visited pages were the website home page (21.26%), the registration page (10.69%), and the user’s landing page (9.66%). Desktop was the most frequently used platform for using the program (76.02%), followed by mobile (17.49%) and tablet (6.49%).  

This website traffic resulted in 52 fully enrolled program users, with ongoing program usage ranging from 0 (n=14) to full completion of 6 modules (n=1). Challenges that have arisen to date include spam registrations, maintaining presence, and user-engagement/retention. Enablers of implementation include media/social media releases and partnering with organisations that have higher visibility.


While the number of enrolled users is comparable to the clinical trial, usage/retention is lower. While consistent with other open access web-programs, strategies for user-retention need to be explored.