Best Of Best Poster Oral Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Using data to drive change.  Evaluation of Cancer Outcomes Barwon South West (ECOBSW) Registry (#288)

Graham Pitson 1 , Leigh Matheson 2 , Violet Mukaro 2 , Brooke Garrard 2 , Sue Riches 2 , Margaret Rogers 2
  1. Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Barwon Health, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  2. Barwon South West Integrated Cancer Services, Geelong, VICTORIA, Australia


The ECOBSW Registry established a standardized method of collecting data for all newly diagnosed cancer patients of the BSW region (2009-2014:  n=13,046 patients).  The study integrated data from ALL major Health Services with the goal of identifying gaps and consequently drive change for enhanced treatment and care.


The ECOBSW collects data on cancer stage at diagnosis, prognostic indicators, first line treatments and subsequent outcomes for all newly diagnosed cancer patients.  Strong links across Health Services have been established and cemented during the data collection and collation process.


Key performance indicators for tumour streams which allow benchmarking against optimal standards were developed and included:


  • Breast conserving surgery for Stage I
  • Radiotherapy within 1 year after Breast Conserving Surgery for those aged <70yrs
  • Combination chemotherapy within 1 year of diagnosis for those aged <70yrs and Stage T1cN0M0 or II or III triple negative
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy for those aged 50-70yrs and surgically proven node positive


  • Adjuvant chemotherapy for Stage II or III rectal cancer
  • Surgical resection where ≥ 12 lymph nodes are pathologically examined for Stage I, II or III
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy within 3 months of surgery for Stage III colon cancer
  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy prior to surgery for Stage IV rectal cancer


  • Surgical resection for Stage I or II NSCLC
  • Radiotherapy (no surgery +/- chemotherapy) for NSCLC
  • Systemic therapy for Stage III or IV NSCLC
  • Palliative Care for those with NSCLC and Stage III or IV and ECOG >=2


The development of key performance indicators for tumour streams allows ECOBSW to benchmark against pre-set standards and identify and respond to variations in care. ECOBSW routinely provides data to Health Services and key stakeholders to facilitate health service planning.  This kind of detailed population-based data collection is an important enabler of ongoing improvement in clinical performance.