Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Anti-cancer drug administration nursing competency audit (#290)

Georgina Akers 1 , Spiridoula Galetakis 1 , Kathryn Whitfield 1 , Jane Weber 1
  1. Department of Health & Human Services, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


To collect information from Victorian health services about their policies and procedures that support the administration of anti-cancer drugs by the nursing workforce. 


All Chief Executive Officers of health services in Victoria (public and private) were requested to complete a survey. The survey collected information regarding organisational capacity, education and training, competency requirements and capacity for ongoing assessment of nursing competence in the delivery of systemic anti-cancer treatment. Services were also asked to provide supplementary evidence, for example, policy and procedures in place to guide practice. 


Of the 112 health services sent a survey, 100 services provided a response (RR 89%). Of the responders, 65 health services reported that they currently provide a chemotherapy service. Descriptive data on the current practice and guidance for nurse competency and safe handling in these services will be presented. Stratification and benchmarking of results will be presented on a range of criteria including activity level, service type (public/private) and location (metropolitan/regional). 


Survey results will inform an assessment of the adequacy of current policies to ensure competency and safe handling practices across the state to deliver safe high quality care. Bench-marking and gap analysis will inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives such as additional competency training if required. It will also support a review of policies to promote standardization and cross service learnings.