Oral Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

An integrative model of wellness & supportive care (#106)

Penelope Sanderson 1
  1. Australasian Lymphology Association, 1, Australia

The vision for the Olivia Newton –John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre is to be a leader in evidence based cancer treatment, which includes integrative, collaborative, person-centred care supporting holistic mind-body therapies in concert with cancer treatments to enhance treatment efficacy and quality of life through improving symptom control, and alleviating patient distress and suffering.

Partnering with the founding champion whose philosophy is closely aligned has been essential to achieving our vision. From the time that Olivia Newton-John became that champion, it was clear that her passion for incorporating wellness into cancer care was the driving force.  Such a progressive goal to achieve within a publicly funded comprehensive cancer centre takes time and commitment.

This paper will report on the development and progress of an integrated model of wellness and the impact of engaging our consumers throughout the planning, delivery and evaluation of this model. Ensuring that people have choices in accessing integrative therapies and personalising each person’s care has been an ambitious goal. Particular therapies will be highlighted such as mindfulness based stress reduction, art and music therapy to demonstrate the impact on patient and carer wellbeing and how it enhances the experience for both patients and staff.

In addition, the experience of integrating wellness in clinical care will be discussed and the work to enhance the culture with the ONJ Centre will be outlined, highlighting the benefits of codesign and consumers as educators.