Grant Mundell Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Grant Mundell

Grant was diagnosed with a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine tumour in January 2014. The primary tumour was large and had metastasized to his liver. As surgery was not initially an option due to the size and aggressiveness of parts of the tumours. Grant endured nine rounds on chemo therapy over a 4 month period and then 4 rounds of Lutate (PRRT – peptide radionuclide receptor therapy) combined with chemotherapy over a 6 month period. He was then advised by his MDT team that surgery was possible, it would come with many risks and consequences but this was his best option for survival. In July 2015 Grant had a 15 hour surgery – a whipples, plus the removal of many more organs (half his stomach, part of his bowel, parts of his liver and one adrenal gland). The recovery was long and extremely difficult, but thankfully he is now back at work full time, life has returned to normal and he is living a great life. He has a small amount of low grade disease left and no new disease since his initial diagnosis in 2014. Grant has since had genetic testing and it has been confirmed that that his Neuroendocrine tumors are MEN1. Grant and his wife are in currently going through the process of having their two young daughters tested for the MEN1 gene mutation.

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