Penelope Sanderson Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Penelope Sanderson

Penelope Sanderson is a highly regarded health professional with a Social Work background who has worked in health services as a clinician and manager both locally and internationally. A passionate advocate of person centred care, Penelope is committed to ensuring that people are supported in accessing and having their healthcare needs met. Prior to taking up the role within the Olivia Newton-John Cancer, Wellness and Research Centre, Penelope led the development of the Statewide Lymphoedema Service at Mercy Health in Victoria. Penelope has held positions in the Australasian Lymphology Association including President, advocating for the delivery of improved services for people with lymphoedema, in particular, those experiencing this chronic condition following cancer treatment. Currently, Penelope manages a range of programs within the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre including the Wellness and Supportive Care program, which has a focus on growing supportive care for patients and their families ensuring that it is integrated into the cancer care for every patient. As a strong advocate of the concept and power of the wellness philosophy and holistic care, Penelope has a commitment to expanding the options for people with cancer and pursuing research in the wellness space.

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